Vacuum flask 500mlVacuum flask 500ml
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Vacuum flask 350mlVacuum flask 350ml
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Vacuum flask 350mlVacuum flask 350ml
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Vacuum flask 400mlVacuum flask 400ml
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Vacuum flask 360mlVacuum flask 360ml
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Seasonal offer

Winter is always waiting for holiday!

Winter is a perfect time of the year when white and fluffy snow lies on the streets, sparkling in the rays of winter sun, big snowflakes with intricate patterns fall from the sky, icicles hang from the housetops, trees are covered snowy carpet, turning it all around in the winter wonderland.

Winter is always waiting for holiday, Happy New Year, Santa Claus, Christmas party, meeting with friends and family, merry laughter and good mood!

Don’t know what to give your relatives and friends for the New Year?

That’s why, if you decide to buy cookware, our company would like to offer you a wide range of products of TM «Kamille», such as:
- sets of pots and pans;
- pans with marble and ceramic coating;
- enamel kettles with bright decals;
- kitchen accessories and cutlery;
- silicone and ceramic bakeware;
- ceramic knives and blocks for them.

We value our partners and put a maximum effort to cooperate with our company has been a long-term and mutually beneficial.

Our company has over 12 years to achieve a solid position in the field of wholesale sales of consumer goods. Given the current market trends and individual needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of household consumer goods.

AMA™ — a company that represents the market products under their own brands with the best combination of price and quality in Ukraine. By the way, the CKAYT™ and Besser™ distinguished by the wide range in their respective areas of products.