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Seasonal offer

Spring is the best time for the rest!

With the coming of the long-awaited spring, after boring winter evenings watching TV, many of us waiting for the first warm weekend, so as to the country. There we can enjoy kebabs, grilled fish, BBQ sausages…a breath of fresh air, and of course nature.
When we are going to the country, we usually marinate meat, buy some food and drinks … All it is simply if you already have devices, which you can roast the meat. So, there is a need for devices to cook the food on the coals.
TM «Скаут» gathers nature lovers and offers you actual goods for the upcoming season of camping and BBQ.

We value our partners and put a maximum effort to cooperate with our company has been a long-term and mutually beneficial.

Our company has over 12 years to achieve a solid position in the field of wholesale sales of consumer goods. Given the current market trends and individual needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of household consumer goods.

AMA™ — a company that represents the market products under their own brands with the best combination of price and quality in Ukraine. By the way, the CKAYT™ and Besser™ distinguished by the wide range in their respective areas of products.