Seasonal offer

Autumn is the time of harvesting

The great time of collecting fruits and vegetables is came. This is the only time when the nature draws us to herself and bewitches us by her beauty. In this time we should prepare the stocks for the winter and we can enjoy the autumn colors and just relax and also could sit near the fireplace with cup of hot tea or cook our favorite delicious meal.

For this our company offers a large range of cookware of trade mark Kamille:
- sets of pots and pans;
- pans with marble and ceramic coating;
- kettles;
- kitchen accessories;
- bakeware.
And also many other things which you can see on the our website.

We value our partners and put a maximum effort to cooperate with our company has been a long-term and mutually beneficial.

Our company has over 12 years to achieve a solid position in the field of wholesale sales of consumer goods. Given the current market trends and individual needs of our customers, we offer a wide range of household consumer goods.

AMA™ — a company that represents the market products under their own brands with the best combination of price and quality in Ukraine. By the way, the CKAYT™ and Besser™ distinguished by the wide range in their respective areas of products.